Ten night landscapes by José Cúneo make up a geometric visual frame setting the works within strict limits that condition their perception. A circumference defined by depictions of moons in all their phases — new, crescent, full and waning— is inscribed in a square perimeter determined by the edges of the works, reinforcing the treatment of space as an inward universe. It is through this centripetal process that the moons wax and wane in a clockwise direction, so that the passage of time is somehow measured and represented. The title of the installation refers as well to the Círculo y cuadrado magazine, published by the Asociación de Arte Constructivo de Montevideo (Montevideo Association of Constructive Art), directed by Joaquín Torres García. The double appropriation of “title and work” joins the two great masters, who were involved in intense debates about the assimilation of the new tendencies that were starting to be discussed in artists’ gatherings of the 30s.

Círculo y cuadrado (Circle and Square), 2018
Installation with works by José Cuneo
463 x 463 cm
MNAV Collection
Particular collection

Photo: Rafael Lejtreger