Twenty-one canvas board tiles are the product of a chromatic “distillation” of the “Bella Vista” painting that artist Nicanor Blanes dedicated to painter Diogenes Hequet in 1889. The scene these colors come from is a landscape —showing a shore, water and the Montevideo hill as a backdrop—, but at the same time it is a portrait. There is a certain circularity in the possible intersection of genres posed in this small-scale painting where a photographer who is portraying a father with his son is in turn portrayed by the painter.

Croma I, 2016
[Nicanor Blanes, “Bella Vista” (Beautiful Sight)]
Oil on canvas board
Color selection: Mechtild Endhardt
Twenty-one pieces
20 x 36 cm each
Diana Weiss Collection

Photo: Rafael Lejtreger

Bella Vista, 1889
Nicanor Blanes
Oil on lined cardboard
20 x 36 cm
Inventory number: 1235