Pablo Uribe (Montevideo, 1962). Uribe lives and works in Uruguay. He studied architecture at the University of the Republic, and visual arts with Guillermo Fernández. Uribe represented Uruguay at the 53rd Venice Biennale. In 2016 he received the 21st Figari Price, awarded in recognition of his career.

Uribe’s work explores the different relationships of the practice of art. The scope of his research goes up to an inquiry of the implicit neutrality of the artistic production, art locations and collections. This activity has led to the study of the linkages between subjects and objects, which histories —real or fictional— challenge his role as an author.

In a continuous motion between roles and formats, in his work Uribe has relied on historical references, literature, architectural, music and theater allusions. His “mise en scene”, re-elaborations, staging, printings, and over-printings invade the sensitive domain of the observer, aiming at triggering intentional transformations in the memory and imagination of the spectator.