Meteorologist Núbel Cisneros is shown in a Medium Long Shot in front of a neutral background giving the weather forecast. After a few seconds we start to notice that he gradually digresses from the aseptic enumeration of atmospheric phenomena into a meticulous and detailed description of the painting “Luna con dormilones” by José Cuneo. By means of an “ironclad script” a parallel is drawn between the meteorologist and the “Plein Air” painter, thus exploring the relations between weather, place, space, time, representation and intermediation.

Luna con dormilones (Moon with Night Birds), 2012
Single-channel video
5:15 minutes + loop
Variable dimensions

Actor: Núbel Cisneros
Script: Inés Bortagaray
Photography: Pablo Abdala
Sound: Fabián Oliver
Gafer: Quique Álvarez, Pablo Luzardo
Edition: Lucía Garibaldi
Teleprompter: Myriam Bustos