The chinchinero or one-man orchestra Waldo Carrillo moves in a dance related with Andean folklore and progressively enters into a trance. He plays the bass drum with wicker rods, pulls on a rope that is tied to a shoe and continuously hits the cymbals. This street musician imitates with virtuosity John Bonham’s legendary drum solo in Moby Dick, an instrumental song by Led Zeppelin from the album The song remains the same. The idea of original, copy, plagiarism and representation reappear here.

The song remains the same, 2014-2015
Single-channel video
4:44 minutes
Variable dimensions

Photo: Lucía Garibaldi

Actor: Waldo Carrillo
Actor Director: Fabrizio Rossi
Soundtrack:Led Zeppelin
Sound: Fabián Oliver
Camara: Pablo Abdala
Gaffer: Quique Álvarez, Pablo Luzardo
Edition: Lucía Garibaldi