“Saludos” is a video installation made to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the reopening of the Florencio Sánchez Theater, in which, through the opening and closing of the curtain, we see a parade of different neighbors from the Cerro, the working class area of Montevideo where the theater is located, appearing individually to applause. By means of a revisitation of “commedia dell’arte”, in which the actors improvise from a very short governing outline, the actor-spectator relationship is inverted, in a sort of “continuum ad infinitum”. The spectator is thus called on by a social body that affirms its existence from the real world by invading the world of representation.

Saludos (Greetings), 2006
Single-channel video
9 minutes
Variable dimensions

Actors: Mercedes Lingieri, «Beto» Martínez, «Titólo» Piñeyro, Ludvik Seltnercich, Nora Servetto, Hilda Sklito, Gabriela Zubela
Production assistance: Cecilia Luzardo, Valentina Ordoqui