In the early hours of July 8, 1978, a fire destroyed the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, reducing its valuable collection to ashes. Sixty-four paintings by Joaquín Torres García and seven building murals painted by members of his workshop at Saint Bois Hospital, which were included the exhibition Geometría sensible (Sensitive Geometry), were destroyed in that fateful fire. Among the murals was “Pax in lucem”, one of the few painted by Joaquín Torres García. In “Pax in lucem” (2018), each plane of the staircase is painted in oil with the five colors featured in that mural and specially manufactured by Luis Infantozzi with the same formula used at the time by the Torres García Workshop. The overhead light that comes through the recovered skylight and the perfume of the flax oil beckon and lead the viewer to the top level of the museum.

Pax in lucem, 2018
Oil on wall and skylight opening
Variable dimensions

Photo: Rafael Lejtreger