The brief and impressive essay by Jorge Luis Borges La Flor de Coleridge (The Coleridge Flower) begins with a quote by Paul Valéry that contains a singular idea: “The history of literature should not be the history of the authors and the accidents in their careers or the career of their works, but the history of the spirit as a producer or consumer of literature. That story could be completed without mentioning a single writer”. Two landscapes by two different authors (Ernesto Laroche and Horacio Espondaburu), painted in widely different times, chromatically continue each other, echoing Borges’ idea that “all authors are one author”.

La flor de Coleridge
(The Coleridge Flower), 2016
Two superimposed oil paintings
120 x 97 x 5 cm
Museo Blanes Collection

Photo: Rafael Lejtreger