The complete restoration —using the “tratteggio” or “rigatino” technique— of the “El vaquero” (The Cowboy) painting, by French artist Victor Emile Cartier, is exhibited in seven superimposed canvases. The 1853 painting is the oldest in the collection of the Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales. “Tratteggio” is a restoration technique based on the juxtaposition of small lines or strokes of color. These lines are visible from up close, but when observing the work from a distance they blend in with the original layer. In “Informe de la restauración”, the “gaps” and damages in the Cartier painting are reintegrated, but the colors of the restoration are separated into each of the seven canvases.

Informe de la restauración (Restoration Report), 2018
Oil on canvas
Seven canvases and book with the “scientific” report of the restoration process
36 x 58 x 20 cm
Colour selection: Mechtild Endhardt

Photo: Rafael Lejtreger

El vaquero, 1853
Victor Emile Cartier
Oil on canvas
36 x 58 cm
Inventory number: 150