On November 27, 1983, during the military dictatorship, a crowd called by all the political parties gathered at the foot of the Obelisco de los Constituyentes (Obelisk to the Founding Fathers) to listen to a proclamation written by Enrique Tarigo and Gonzalo Aguirre and read by Alberto Candeau, a star of the Comedia Nacional. In “Air discurso”, five masters of Uruguayan theater revisit this proclamation with gestures and hand movements, but muted and without moving their mouths. In view of the game of mirrors generated by the continuous reiteration of the projections and the suppression of the discourse, the aim is to explore the relations between theater and politics.

Air discurso (Air Discourse), 2012
Video installation
5 channels, 29 minutes
Variable dimensions

Actors: Gloria Demassi, Roberto Fontana, Roberto Jones, Estela Medina, Walter Reyno 
Direction of actors: Marianella Morena 
Vestuario: Paula Villalba 
Sound: Fabián Oliver 
Camera: Pablo Abdala 
Gaffer: Enrique Álvarez, Pablo Luzardo 
Edition and photography: Lucía Garibaldi 
Production: Myriam Bustos, Virginia Farías, Valentina Ordoqui