Two of the most recurrent genres of painting are gathered in a single piece under the proposition: “see a portrait and listen to a landscape”. A man in business attire is illuminated by a diagonal light that focuses on the action, by which he imitates the sounds of local animals that can only be heard at night in the native forest. Next to this projection there is another one in which the same man produces the sounds of other animals that can only be heard during the day. An interaction is thus created in which the protagonists work on the duality between original and copy, imitating the sound of animals in two antagonistic time situations: day and night. The idea of the double, in the search for identity, is alternated with concepts such as representation and copy.

Atardecer (Sunset), 2009
Video installation
2 channels, 16 minutes
Variable dimensions

Actor: Carlos Prigioni 
Sound: Fabián Oliver 
Camera: Álvaro Zinno
Photography: Rafael Lejtreger
Edition: Marcos Montaño
Production: Virginia Farías